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Photo Tips



Pictures Make Parties Special


Party favors and wrap. Ribbons and bows. Cake and ice cream. It all adds up to fun. And if you remember to bring along the camera, the celebration will last long after the last guest departs. Parties are a great place for picture-taking. Everyone sets out to have a good time, which means there are plenty of smiles to go around. And if it's a party at which games are played, the photo opportunities are endless! Here are just a few suggestions.


  • Bring plenty of film and a flash for your camera. Check in advance to see that the flash batteries are charged and that the unit is working. And make sure the ISO scale on the flash unit is set to the ISO speed of the film you'll be shooting. That will prevent disappointing under- or overexposures.


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  • Use a short zoom or telephone lens. That will enable you to take some group shots and still allow you to catch a few frame-filling close-ups without standing right on top of your subjects.


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  • Take candid shots. Every party has its share of mugging for the camera, and you don't want to miss such made-to-order opportunities. But try to get a few candid shots, too-things like game players in the heat of battle or dancers be-bopping to some Golden Oldies.
  • Give the gift of fun. Have an extra set of prints made up for the party's host and friends. They'll really appreciate your thoughtfulness, and it's an inexpensive and sincere way of saying, "Thanks for a great time!"

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