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About us was founded in order to fill the void on the internet for an authoritative source encompassing all aspects of imaging: from traditional photography and video to the latest in digital imaging and audiovisual presentation equipment, as well as a wide array of new digital image processing services.


In order to earn your business, pledges to not only use the various existing and tested Internet devices, but also to develop innovative tools to facilitate your on-line searching and shopping experiences. One of the hallmarks of our site is unparalleled customer service, resulting from over thirty years of experience in the retail photographic and video industry. This established history guarantees to you that we know the products we sell and that we have established close relations and alliances with all of the major suppliers in the photo, video and audiovisual presentation industries.


Finally, we promise to stand behind all of the products that we represent, and pledge to offer only quality products and services. With this in mind, we will not offer any grey market products, and only sell products that carry a valid USA warranty. Grey market products refer to products not intended or authorized for distribution and sale in the USA, and usually do not include a valid manufacturer's warranty in the USA. Additionally, grey market products often do not include many of the accessories which are commonly packaged with products by their USA distributors. As for film and other dated, sensitized or perishable products, we ensure that they are always fresh.


Contact Information