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Repairs FAQ


Frequently asked questions about repair:


Is there anything I can do to fix the equipment myself?

First, check the batteries or other power source. Make sure batteries aren't in up-side-down and that they are fresh.

Then, make sure that the battery has not oxidized, creating a film between the battery and the contact. Use a pencil or ink eraser to clean the contact.

Unless you are a trained technician, please don't try to take the equipment apart, because you could cause additional problems. Instead, give us a call.


How should I pack my equipment for shipping?

Use a minimum of four inches of packing material around the product. Do not use the original shipping container.


Should I include anything with the equipment?

Yes, be sure to enclose a brief note explaining your problems or concerns, along with a daytime telephone number and e-mail address, if available. And if you're sending us video equipment, please include a check or money order for $35 made out to, Inc. to cover our $35 prepaid video repair estimate fee. We will not do a repair estimate on video equipment until receipt of the $35 fee.


Does it matter how I mail the package?

Yes, be sure to use an insured mail service, such as UPS.


What happens after I ship you my equipment?

We will take a look at the equipment, then call you or e-mail you with a repair estimate. We must get your approval before we do any repairs. Once we get approval, we will do the the repairs. Then, we'll call or e-mail you and tell you the total cost of the repair.


How do I pay for the repair?

You can pay by credit card.


How will I get my equipment back?

We can ship it to you, return shipping will be added to your repair bill. Equipment will be returned to you once payment is received. 


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