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Ammonite Press-Photographic Lighting -Instructional books / DVD's





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Photographic Lighting

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The Expanded Guide: Techniques
One of the most over-used, yet misunderstood pieces of photographic equipment is the flash unit in its many forms. While a flash unit – either built in to the camera or a separate device – offers the advantage of adding light to your images, its biggest disadvantage is the complex nature of the flash, which prevents many from using it to its full potential.
Seeking an understanding of the nomenclature, the buttons and dials on the flash itself, and the menus inside is akin to trying to learn a foreign language. What is FEC? What does TTL mean and how is it used effectively? What is high-speed synchronisation? How can the less technically gifted photographer understand the complexities of such systems and put them to effective use in the field? Studying a manual full of technical jargon is a daunting task and just as confusing as the flash itself.
Professional photographer Robert Harrington takes the confusion out of the subject of photographic lighting, and offers invaluable guidance and expert tips that will benefit all keen photographers.
Jargon-free text explains:
  • the basics of flash, both on- and off-camera
  • how to utilise direct and bounce flash
  • the basics of off-camera flash
  • how to take great portraits with a single Speedlight
  • the use of off-camera flash modifiers, such as softboxes and grids
  • the creative employment of Speedlights, including use outdoors
The Author
Robert Harrington is an accomplished headshot and editorial photographer based in Milford, CT, and whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and on web sites. He also specializes in flash and off camera flash photography, teaching OCF to anyone who will listen across the United States. His love of photography and helping others forward their photographic vision has led to a successful career in this expanding field.