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Ammonite Press  Understanding Exposure  

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Type:  Book

Product Focus:  Digital SLR, Digital Compact Camera


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Ammonite Press-Understanding Exposure-Instructional books / DVD's





Beginner to intermediate

Product Focus

Digital SLR, Digital Compact Camera

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Ammonite Press Understanding Exposure (192 pages) is a new series of Expanded Guide that focuses on photographic techniques not only to give you a comprehensive grounding in the subject but also takes you a step further to enable you to get much more from your photography. Expert advice, with useful hints and tips, is given by professional photographers, using practical examples of techniques for clarity, illustrated in full color with the aid of clear diagrams and charts.
Understanding Exposure is an invaluable guide to taking better photographs using today's sophisticated digital SLR and compact digital cameras. Aimed at the novice or more experienced amateur photographer, jargon-free text explains the theory behind digital photography, how light metering affects exposure and light's relationship to color, color temperature and white balance, focal points and the expression of mood.
Aperture, depth of field and shutter speed are thoroughly described, along with chapters on ISO speeds, dynamic range, use of filters and making in-camera adjustments. Post processing techniques round off this invaluable guide to getting the best results from your photography.