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Glide Gear  Camera Track Slider #DEV 235  

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Type:  Camera Slider

Overview:  Developed in the USA, this latest innovation from Glide Gear, the DEV-235 c...


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Glide Gear-Camera Track Slider #DEV 235-Video Camera Accessories
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Camera Slider


Developed in the USA, this latest innovation from Glide Gear, the DEV-235 camera slider was designed for professionals and hobbyists alike so that they could own a slider that was extremely versatile as well as achieving a new level of smoothness and silence unlike anything else available on the market. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, finished with space age nickel boron, and coated in our patented frictionless polymer to obtain a smoothness never before achieved with any sled based sliders. The new design of legs and feet are easily removed for mounting just about anywhere, and extremely versatile. The little rubber balls on the end can be adjusted to many various lengths allowing the Glide Gear Dev-235 to be able to sit on any kind of uneven terrain or even upside down against a wall. These legs are CNC machined with 0.005inch tolerances so they are tremendously stable and substantially sturdy. Made with 6061 aluminum and able to carry cameras up to 15lbs, the Glide Gear DEV-235 camera slider is rediculously strong for it's light weight of 2.4 lbs.


  • 2013 Design USA
  • Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum
  • Nickel boron surface treatment 
  • Frictionless polymer "self-lubricates" for silent sliding
  • Removeable legs with adjustable feet that allow for virtually any terrain
  • Multiple 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes and also 1/4-3/8 adapter included
  • Bubble level built into the carriage
  • Weight 2.4lbs
  • Maximum Load 25 lbs, Optimal load
  • Light and portable, comes with padded, double stiched, carry case with pockets for the detacheable legs
  • Takes virtually every kind of DSLR Camera, Camcorder, or Video Camera
  • 1/4" and 3/8" holes drilled on each side, middle, and quarter intervals
  • 1/4"-3/8" adaptor included


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