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ProMaster  SG1000 Remote LED Studio Light #6840  

Main specs

Type of Light:  Continuous


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ProMaster-SG1000 Remote LED Studio Light #6840-Studio Lights

Light properties

Modeling Light


Modeling Light/Flash tube Number

Not Specified

Guide Number

Not Specified

Flash Triggering

Not Specified

Recycling Time

Not Specified

Fuse Rating

Not Specified

Temperature Control

Not Specified

Reflector Mount

standard 7''

General specifications

Type of Light



3200k filter and fabric diffuser, 7" polished reflector (x1)


The PROMASTER SG1000LED Remote Studio Light offers a very high power daylight balanced continuous light while only generating a fraction of the heat of conventional halogen continuous lights. Even though the SG1000LED has an effective output of 1000 watts, the power consumption is nominal so you can light up your studio for just pennies. The 2.4ghz wireless remote control allows you to place the lights in the most desirable location and control them all from a central location. A single remote can control up to 100 lights individually or groups of lights when they are set to the same channel. The excellent light quality, energy saving features, and convenience of use will make these the last continuous lights you will ever want in your studio set up.

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Polished and fabric diffuser